‘Play Pass’ is Google’s response to Apple’s Apple Arcade

'Play Pass' is Google’s response to Apple’s Apple Arcade

The mobile game subscription Apple Arcade by Apple will be getting a new competitor with the Google Play Pass, Google’s own mobile game subscriptions service which will charge a montly fee of $4.99.

With over 350 “completely unlocked” apps and games that will already be avaible on the Google Play Pass, add- ons will also be bundled in with it. Additionally, in- app purchases or advertisements will not be there in the service.

On Monday, the company revealed on its blog post that Android devices in the US this week should look for it while the countries other than the US will soon be getting it.

Those who are not so keen on buying titles individually might find the Google Play Pass particularly interesting as it will let them rent access to casual Android games.

An essential difference between Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass is also that non- gaming apps such collage making tool Pic Smith and AccuWeather will be available for access for the subscribers which is not the case with Apple Arcade. Additionally, every month there will be additions made to the list of apps and games, though Google did mention that if or not certain titles will be removed depends on the developer of the app.

Starting this week, US Android users will be able to the new “Play Pass” tab once they go on the Play Store and tap on the menu icon. All the titles that are enrolled in the new subscription service will also appear in a catalog on the very same tab.If you sign up for the service before October 11th this year, you can enjoy the reduced service price of $1.99 per month for the first year. Android version 4.4 and above can enjoy the service and per every subscriber, five of his or her family members can also take benefit of the service.

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