Huge Display Sizes, Curved-Edge Designs comes with the Galaxy S11, as per leaks

Huge Display Sizes, Curved-Edge Designs comes with the Galaxy S11, as per leaks

Evan Blass an insider who has been a very reliable source when it comes to technology journalism has given some revelations regarding the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S11, which is scheduled to be released not until next year. He has been talking about the three variations of the smartphone by Samsung which is slated to be launched early next year.

Samsung’s last year approach seems to be continue in its soon- to- be- launched smartphone where the model names of the three variants could be Samsung Galaxy 11, Galaxy 11+ and Galaxy 11e. According to Blass, the highest variant will have a display size of 6.9 inches, the one after it will be 6.7 inches and the smallest variant will be either around 6.2 inches or 6.4 inches.

If Blass’ leak is to be trusted, it seems Samsung is expanding the screen real estate across all models especially given the screen sizes of it latest launches Samsung Galaxy S10. In that case the S10+ has display of 6.4 inches; S10 has a display size of 6.1 inches while the S10e has 5.8 inches of display.

Curved display is another new feature that will be added to all three variant of Galaxy S11. You won’t be able to avoid the sloped edges that are famous amongst Samsung flagships, however; Galaxy S10e made an exception to that. The standard display of infinity Edge display stays in the upcoming phones. Coming to the camera, there is a bit of uncertainty with respect tp whether there will be a botch, hole- punch or in- display component.

Mobile World Congress, the trade show that is expected to take place in February next year, might be used as a platform by Samsung to show off the Galaxy S11 series.

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