Deep Brain Stimulation Implant received by a two- year old baby girl

Deep Brain Stimulation

A two year old infant suffering from the condition dystonia has recently received deep brain stimulation (DBS) device for her treatment. Dystonia is a condition that causes a movement disorder. It can affect one muscle; a group of muscles and in some cases the entire body. The movements are painful, and in case of a child suffering from the condition, it can cause severe limitations on a child’s development and overall quality of life.

The necessary anaesthesia protocols and surgical procedures were developed in collaboration by a at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

The procedure posed an obvious challenge for the team. Since DBS systems were built for larger patients, and in this case the patient was two- year old baby girl, it was extremely important for the team to position the system and implement the procedure in accordance to the child’s size.

Apart from this, another challenge that posed in front of the team was that as the child will grow, the electrodes that have been implanted now will automatically shift in relation to where they are presently placed. Thus the team ensured that as and when the time comes, rectifications can be made easily.

It is now apparent post this particular case that there is a large enough market for DBS systems for pediatric patients out there, and hopefully the makers of DBS devices will realise the same and start catering to this section of the market as well. Thus new devices in order to cater for the younger children will hopefully be manufactured in the near future by them.

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