PlayStation VR 2 Headset diagrams revealed in Sony’s Patent

PlayStation VR 2 Headset diagrams revealed in Sony’s Patent

The details regarding the next generation of PlayStation VR still remain uncovered even though Sony did reveal information about its PlayStation 5 this week. Certain initial hints however; have surfaced regarding the new generation PlayStation VR thanks to a new Sony patent which has been reported to have received approval by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on October 3rd and is being referred as a “data processing device”, there.

What gives it away are the diagrams included. These diagrams depict a new virtual reality headset and thus can be connected with version 2 of PlayStation VR by Sony.

With two cameras in the front and one at the rear the new headset is designed to have integrated in it as many as nine LEDs. They are fixed around the headset and done so with the objective of providing enhanced motion detection and tracking. What will enable the feature of 3D stereoscopic images is the two separate displays that the user of the headset will be required to look into. With content added on top. There is also a talk of transparency in the new headset for the purpose of enabling the wearer to have real- world view around him or her; therefore it might bear likeness to augmented reality.

The PlayStation Move controller will also have a camera added to it. In the form of PlayStation camera, yet another camera can be added if the user wishes to, as it may prove to give a lot more accuracy. While the diagrams indicate a wire connecting the the game console and the new headset, wireless can also be an option. Chances are that once PlayStation 5 goes on sale, the PlayStation Virtual reality 2 might also surface, probably by the year 2021.

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