Notification pop-ups might no longer bother you after the launch of Mozilla’s 72 update

Notification pop-ups might no longer bother you after the launch of Mozilla's 72 update

Pop- up notifications are annoying and not taken seriously by a vast majority of internet users, as per internet browser, Mozilla’s research. This has prompted the browser to take a stand against them, making it the first ever internet browser to do so.

Via Firefox Update 72, which is scheduled to be rolled out next year, the internet browser will by default block all pop- up notifications. These notification will remain hidden and the only intimation users will get will be through a small icon to the side of the browser’s URL bar; thus leaving the choice to check it out with the user.

While a full stable release is expected by January 2020, for now if you wish to try, you can opt for the nightly Firefox builds with blocker active.

It would not be wrong to state that 2019 has been a rather hectic year for the team of Firefox. Some major and essential improvements have been made by the browser. There also was an addition to its features. Any activity in tabs that are no longer in use can be suspended thanks to the new feature added by the browser this year.

This fall you can expect a new and premium version of the Firefox browser to be launched by Mozilla as per reports circulating that the browser is planning on such a launch. The Chief Executive Office of the internet browser company; Chris Brad gave an interview to a German Media outlet ‘T3N’, where he shared that a launch of the premium version of the browser is being planned by the company this year in fall. Secure Cloud storage, VPN, etc will be some additional features that the Premium feature will provide according to Beard’s statement,

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