FDA Clearance received by Ivenix Infusion System Designed to Reduce Medication Errors

A variety of medical mistakes, primarily adverse drug events originate from Infusion pumps. The situation has been getting out of hand since a while now, pertaining to which an initiative namely ‘Infusion Pump Improvement Initiative’ was started by FDA a few years ago. Establishment of new requirements, aimed at reducing errors, for the manufacture of infusion pumps became one of the results of this initiative.
Ivenix Infusion System that was envisioned, designed, and manufactured with the new requirements in mind, by Ivenix, a company based outside of Boston has received FDA clearance.

Proprietary adaptive flow control technology that measures the fluid moving through the pump and adjusts its action in real time is featured in this large- volume infusion pump. The chance of free flow is eliminated through this and rest assured, the proper amount of fluids is administered throughout treatment.

Inspired by the functionality of a smartphone, the pump’s operation is designed in a way that helps to make things intuitive, reduces setup time, and minimizes errors and alarms. The reduced error rates will also means an increase in savings, which is another benefit of the pump according to the company.

A wide range of administration sets and a management suite that lets clinicians remotely monitor infusions and be notified of any problems are also featured in the Ivenix Infusion System.

Karen Giuliano, PhD, RN, FAAN, Associate Professor and Executive Director of Healthcare Innovation at Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences, in a press release said that his studies spread over many years have focused on revealing the serious usability challenges, which exist in the most commonly used IV smart pumps. He said that data suggest that the Ivenix Infusion System can enable clinicians to more quickly administer IV medications with significantly fewer errors compared with today’s leading pumps. Nurses, and the healthcare industry as a whole, have been waiting for an innovative solution like this.

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