Apple TV App comes to Roku as the company prepares to Stream Apple TV+ after its launch

Apple TV App comes to Roku as the company prepares to Stream Apple TV+ after its launch

To make sure that Netflix keeps working on your old Roku device, in case you are confused whether to replace it or not; you need to think again. Recently, the company shared through an announcement, including an Apple TV app which means that Roku devices will be able to stream Apple TV+ starting this November 1st, thus giving you a solid reason to upgrade your streaming device.

However; this does not mean that the Roku devices right now have useless Apple TV app. Currently, users can avail services including, rent over 10,000 movies and TV shows through the Apple TV app along with accessing iTunes video library and subscribe to Apple TV channels as well. With a seven day trial, the Apple TV+ will surface as an option starting November 1st this year.

The highly anticipated Apple TV+ service and a wide range of exciting entertainment can now be accessed and enjoyed by the Roku users with the Apple TV app coming to Roku, according to the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Platform Business, Scott Rosenberg. He shared how they are looking forward to be able to provide this experience to their users given that they have proved to be valuable partners to content providers who are also targeting to reach out to a large and engaged audience.

The app can be installed by anyone with a Roku supported device for free; however Apple ID and password are required to access it. Users from places like the US, UK, France, Argentina, Ireland, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia and El Salvador will get the Apple TV+ after it launch to their Roku devices.Roku having refreshed its hardware offers four new devices, in case you are looking to by a streaming box or upgrade the existing one you have.

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