YubiKey helps you protect your windows PC without any hassle

YubiKey helps you protect your windows PC without any hassle

When it come to protecting your PC, there are numerous softwares out there for you to choose from; however it can hardly be denied that if a separate hardware is included in the security ensemble of your PC; nothing like it. YubiKey security keys, are just the answer to a hardware whithout which the PC cannot be accessed. It has been developed by Yubico and available for all Windows users; making things very easy for them.

Yubico Login for Windows, which was earlier called the Windows Logon Tool is an app that the company had been testing for the last half year, post which it can now be used. All you need to do is install it on your Windows PC. Once the installation is complete, a hardware security key will be required to be inserted into a USB port for Windows login.

For those who are wondering about the consequences in case one misplaces this key, the company has explained that there are simple ways to create backups for recovery. The company claims it is easy to configure and this multi- factor authentication method to ensure local account security will be available for computers with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.For Windows installation of 32- bit and 64- bit, you can download the app for free. However; the YubiKey still needs to be bought. You will need to buy YubiKey 5 Series as the app uses challenge-response authentication protocol; even though there are many different Yubikey devices available for purchase. At a price of mere $45 the YubiKey 5 Series can be bought. Your Android or iOS device will be compatible with the key with NFC and a discount is available in case you buy multiple keys.

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