Spotting iPhone security flaws entails bounty worth $1 million by Apple

Spotting iPhone security flaws entails bounty worth $1 million by Apple

Detecting flaws in iPhone can make you earn as much as $1 million. If you are a cybersecurity researcher, Apple is offering you a reward that is more than any company has ever offered for the purpose of defending against hackers. Breaking into the mobile devices of human rights advocates, journalists and dissidents by governments has become a rising concern in these times, precisely why the company has come forward with such a substantial reward.

The difference between Apple’s previous rewards and this new one is that Apple earlier always offered rewards to researchers who were invited by the company itself to find flaws in its cloud backups and phones. While other tech companies have already been doing that, this time Apple has also left the offer open for anyone to try.

The announcement that the process is open for all researchers, add Mac software and other targets to the research domain and offer a range of rewards, called ‘bounties’, for the most significant findings; was made by the company last week on Thursday at the annual Black Hat security conference held in Las Vegas.

The condition for the reward of $1 million states, “Only to remote access to the iPhone kernel without any action from the phone’s user”.

Easily fixed bugs through software updates instead of “not leave them exposed to criminals or spies”; reported friendly received a prize of $200,000 previously by Apple.

Sums of money as high as $2 million have been reported to be paid to those who can give the most effective techniques for hacking, to get information from devices; by government contractors and brokers. This new bounty being offered by Apple is in the similar range as that mentioned above. Modified phones that have some security measures disabled are also being offered by Apple to make the process of research easier.

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