Southern California gets Amazon Scout, the Delivery Robots by Amazon

In an announcement made by Amazon this Tuesday, the tech giant revealed some exciting news. According to its announcement, it will be soon be bringing in its electric-powered Scout devices to Southern California. In January this year, the company had already deployed them near their hometown of Seattle. For now the delivered will be made by these robots from Monday to Friday during day time, and a relatively small number of robots will be let loose.

In a blog post, the VP Sean Scott wrote that in Irene as the customers place order, they may either get their deliveries by the company’s trusted carrier partners or Amazon Scout. Initially, the devices will be accompanied by an Amazon Scout Ambassador and will autonomously follow their delivery route, he added.

Six Amazon Scouts, designed “from the ground-up with safety and convenience in mind,”   have been deployed already in the Pacific Northwest byy Amzon in the Snohomish County, Wash. A varied number of challenges and hurdles have been encountered by the device in the area, including navigation through trash cans, the occasional snow bowler, lawn chairs, and skate boards and so on. Additionally, the weather has posed several challenges for the Scout which hopefully will no be carried forwards in California.

In the blog post, Scot also shared that their favorite part of this endeavor has been the excitement the customers have shown on getting deliveries from Scout for the first time and how they have welcomed it with open arms in the neighborhood. The excitement has been to an extent that the Scout ambassadors reported incidents where a child wanted Scout as a Christmas present.

Furthermore, although not successfully every time but others apart from Amazon have also been testing delivery robots, such as Kroger, the grocery chain and Postmates, the logistics company.

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