Participants’ Brainwaves are linked by a new Multi-Player Video Game

brainnet multiplayer game

A game called, BrainNet, that effectively links three brains to work together on one problem has been developed by the researchers from the University of Washington. Appearance wise, the game has resembles Tetris. Different shapes have to be rotated and placed so that a line on the bottom of the screen is completed in Tetris.

In this came the entire screen is viewed by two people, the third person can only see the shape that needs to be moved around. While electroencephalography (EEG) caps are to be worn by all three players while playing, the third player who also has to take the ultimate decision regarding placing the shape; has to additionally wear a magnetic neurostimulator coil attached to the back of the head.

Options such as whether or not a shape needs to be rotated are presented to the two people who able to see the entirety of the game while playing. The best option is decided by them after which they look toward a flashing light next to a “Yes” or “No” printed on the screen. The EEG meanwhile collects their brainwave data which is being processed by the computer. Certain brain patterns are triggered by the flashing lights to prompt the computer in determining about the option the two people have chosen.

The third person, who is wearing a neurostimulator that can generate signals within the occipital cortex of the brain; also known as the receiver gets the choice sent over. A choice of “Yes” makes the third person experience glowing objects, as though there are lights appearing in the visual periphery. Once the person sees the glow he or she can finally make a move but only after looking toward the correct flashing light and creating the appropriate brain waves. The other two persons can review the decision taken by the third person and if required they can send him or her, a correcting message before the third person take the final decision.

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