Newly developed body monitoring Sensors, both wireless and flexible

body monitoring Sensors, both wireless and flexible

When it comes to conducting long- term studies or monitoring the health of a patient, there is no saying how much sensors that are flexible and can be worn on the body in a way that they conform to the skin of the patient; can be beneficial. There is great potential for such sensors even in case of those consumers who wish to track ad keep a record of their overall health in general or while they are exercising. Give the scope and benefits of such sensors, there have been attempts in the past to make them, however; they all have been bulky and require recharging as they involve rigid electronic chips and batteries.

An answer to these flaws has now been found by a team of researchers at Stanford University. The sensors developed by them are flexible, can conform to the skin like a sticker, do not incorporate rigid components such as on- board electronic chips and have been named as BodyNet. Radiofrequency device that can easily be integrated into clothing power these devices; which stock up the required electricity to actuating their sensing mechanism. Not only are this, the reading that they obtain from the person’s body, is also transmitted back by these sensors to the devices built into the clothing.

After applying them on wrist and abdomen, the team successfully detected the pulse and respiration rate. Data related to the movement of joints for instance can be obtained by placing the same stickers over the knees and elbows of the user. Sweat and other bodily secretions, temperature of the body and so on can also be detected by the device.The current set of devices that are available in the market can be worn at limited body parts, while the new device can change that restriction. The only limitation that has been observed by the new device and work for which has already began is that it needs to be kept close to the receiver which they transmit their reading to. Each sticker needs one receiver as well.

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