Google Says That its AI DeepMind Could Give Doctors a 48 Hours Head Start by Detecting Notoriously Difficult to Spot AKI

Google Says That its AI DeepMind Could Give Doctors a 48 Hours Head Start by Detecting Notoriously Difficult to Spot AKI

Healthcare industry is swayed by the announcement of Google’s latest breakthrough. As per reports, Google’s health and (AI) artificial intelligence group, called DeepMind, has delivered a gen-next AI-driven technology that can give doctors nearly 48 hours head start in treating patients with acute kidney disorder.

Acute kidney injury, which is notoriously difficult to spot, is a condition wherein a patient’s kidney suddenly stops functioning properly.

In a recent study, researchers at DeepMind have highlighted how their algorithms correctly identify acute kidney injuries, almost 90% of the time. Obviously the condition may eventually require dialysis.

The innovation of digital technologies such as this is expected to pave novel opportunities for treatments. These developments will enable timely medical intervention thus reducing chances of a disease causing harm to patients. The news about Google’s latest breakthrough has come five years after it had acquired the London-based artificial intelligence company.

DeepMind has said in its press release that they consider this announcement as a major milestone for their team and that they are looking forward to take forward their endeavours as a part of Google Health.

With leading tech giants venturing into the healthcare sector, major transformations are underway. Not only will these developments make improve the quality of patient care, they are likely to make healthcare more accessible with time.

Google is one of the companies looking to establish a strong footprint in the healthcare sector. As leading organizations eye for dominance, Google is likely to increase their investment towards research and development in the healthcare sector.

Among various other initiatives takes by Google, the company is planning to reinvent healthcare industries across leading nations by using artificial intelligence. The company strongly believes that artificial intelligence and structured data will determine the future of the healthcare industry. The company is focusing on using artificial intelligence in disease detection as well as creating new data infrastructure.

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