Chinese Malware attack not just limited to Apple iPhones; Android and Windows devices targeted as well

Chinese Malware are now Targeted Android and Windows devices

For years iPhones have been a target of several Chinese websites that are loaded with malware according to Google’s Project Zero team’s recent discovery. The ethnic community called Uighur which belongs to the Xinjiang province in China was the main focus of the malware, which according to reports had been designed in a way so that it could spy on them.

While this discovery was made known last month, the latest reports by regarding the malware are a step further. Turns out, Android and Windows devices were as much a target of the malware as Apple’s iPhones. This is brand new information as the earlier reports only talked about Apple smartphones.

The news about Android and Windows operating system by Google and Microsoft respectively; being a target of the Chinese malware like Apple iPhones has been reported by a source. This news seems logical given the popularity of both the operating systems worldwide, however; it is still to be known what exactly was being exploited by the malware on both these platforms.

Users who had been using the Safari browser were exploed by the malware as per the findings of Project Zero’s team.

In case of Apple, encrypted WhatsApp messages, iMessage texts and Telegram messages were extracted from users’ iPhones. A lot of private information was taken out by the hackers also by means of extracting the live location of the users. The manner in which the information was exploited was reported in February by the team where they shared these details with Apple. The role of Chinese government in this entire attack has not come forward or presented by Google in any of its reports. Though other reports suggest that Uighur people have been tracked by the Chinese government through surveillance cameras with facial recognition and thus suggested that this malware attack could have been related to the Chinese government directly. Whether or not the malware has affected users outside on Xinjiang is unclear as of now.

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