Chats on WhatsApp can be accessed by hackers threatening user privacy because of a WhatsApp bug

Chats on WhatsApp can be accessed by hackers threatening user privacy because of a WhatsApp bug

Google’s Project Zero team has pointed out a bug that has affected the world’s most popular messaging app; WhatsApp. This bug infecting the messaging app has the potential to grant access of user’s WhatsApp chats to hackers threatening user privacy. While user privacy of WhatsApp users is already in danger as pointed out by the Google’s Project Zero team, they have also revealed that the bug can compromise the privacy of iOS users as well if they happen to click on any compromised website that has been circulating messages.

Given the situation, “any suspicious mail that might lead them to a malicious website and make you vulnerable to hackers” has been advised to iOS users along with updating their handsets with the latest OS as this might help them escape the bug.

Hacked messages as plain texts over a server are being sent by these hackers once they get access to the WhatsApp chats of any user according to reports that have been filed by Ian Beer, a Google researcher.

Furthermore, any unauthorized websites should be avoided by users strictly as there are some websites out their which can hack user devices as per the reports. The scary part does not cease with the access hackers may get over texts but also the media files and locations that can be obtained by them via these chats. Amid the reports circulating about the bug, a spokesperson from WhatsApp came forward and said that the privacy of the users is very important for WhatsApp. According to him it is incorrect to claim that there is a known bug within WhatsApp that is impacting the users currently. Given the situation, users should certainly make a habit of following warnings from manufacturers on the security updates for mobile phone operating systems that have been issued latest.

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