Based on Snapdragon 429, a new chipset under work by Qualcomm for wearables

smartwatches based on Wear- OS by Qualcomm

Creation of a new chipset for wearables, based on the Snapdragon 429 platform, supposedly, powering low- end and entry- level Android smartphones seems to be next on US chipmaker Qualcomm’s list. Powerful and feature- rich enough to be purchased smartwatches based on Wear- OS could be the next thing now.

Partially due to its own neglect and partially due to the chipsets that have so far powered smartwatches on this side of the pond, Google has had teething troubles in the wearables segment. Finally, Wear OS- based smartwatches might actually be worth it as Qualcomm is finally making efforts to modernize its chipsets for wearables.

WTP2700 and WTP429W, the two chipsets that Qualcomm is working on are in the EVT stage (Engineering Validation Test), currently. Reports claim that Qualcomm could end up marketing this chipset as Snapdragon Wear 2700 and these could be same chipset with different names.

Up to 1GB of LPDDR3 and 8GB of eMMC 5.1 storage might be supported by both the chipsets and they could be built on a 12nm fabrication process as opposed to the 28nm process that is currently used. The battery life may finally get the much needed boost with the improvement in power efficiency, a major limitation that modern smartwatches have had for so long.

Finally 64- bit support smartwatches can be expected as both the platforms are said to be based on new Cortex-A53 cores. Support for LTE and Bluetooth 5.0 can also be expected by Qualcomm this time around.

The development of the chipsets has reached a very good stage presently; however, they may not be ready this year. By next year hopefully we may finally get decent Wear OS-based smartwatches, available to purchase commercially.

As of now, both the chipsets are said to be in very early stages of development. The report also states that they may not be ready until next year, so we may have to wait a little longer for decent Wear OS-based smartwatches to land in the market.

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