Saliva-Based Hydration Testing System unveiled by MX3 Diagnostics

A saliva-based hydration testing system has been unveiled by MX3 Diagnostics, a startup with offices in Austin, Minneapolis, and Melbourne, Australia, as its very first product. The newly developed device can be used, travelers and athletes. The company is promoting it as “lab- quality” and can maybe even clinicians to test patients. One’s hydration levels can be tracked over time as the testing device uploads it readings to its cloud platform.

Test strips that require a tiny amount of saliva to function properly are what the device replies on entirely. These strips are single-use disposable test strips. They are placed inside the testing device and the user is required to position the end in order to put a bit of spit onto the test strips. The results are obtained quickly after this procedure.
While assessing themselves regularly for signs of dehydration, the athletes and other have to remember to drink water, currently. Unusual effects such as being in a hot or dry environment can influence any subjective assessment making it challenging for an individual to analyze oneself accurately.

According to co-founder and CEO of MX3 Diagnostics, Michael Luther, MX3’s proprietary system for rapid saliva testing has been proven in multiple studies to be as effective as FDA-approved equipment found in traditional labs. Since it is a tough job for athletes and others to reliably assess hydration levels, the company made its first test for hydration, since it is vital for health and fitness. Luther added that it is exciting since saliva is not only non- invasive, but it also reveals other markers related to energy levels, workload and recovery, diet and nutrition, sleep and stress, and more; apart from hydration.

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