NVIDIA and Owkin Teams Up to Make Artificial Intelligence Accessible to Hospitals

NVIDIA and Owkin Teams Up to Make Artificial Intelligence Accessible to Hospitals
Owkin has recently announced that it is partnering with the King’s College of London, abbreviated as KCL, and NVIDIA to deliver its “Federated Learning” software across the life sciences and healthcare sector.

Owkin – a US-based company, is developing advanced artificial intelligence and federated learning technologies to facilitate medical research. The company explained that through the project they initially intend to establish connection between four of the premier teaching hospitals in London. Following this, they aim at expanding access to advanced technologies across the whole of UK. Through their artificial intelligence services, these organizations aim at accelerating research and development initiatives, while improving overall clinical practices in a plethora of therapeutic areas. These shall include heart failure, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Further, KCL will utilize Owkin’s Federated Learning programming and NVIDIA’s EGX Intelligent Edge Computing stage to create inquire about, clinical and operational upgrades over an enormous number of clinical pathways, for example, the previously mentioned.

The venture puts an accentuation on the respectability and security of patient information, a significant point right now. The news comes not long after another study uncovered that that the mass dominant part of NHS staff are not happy with the possibility of “enormous tech” organizations investigating their patient information. Only 12% of human services experts in the survey felt alright with the organizations examining their anonymised understanding information, in spite of 81% reasoning that general examination of such information would help empower snappier analysis and progressively powerful treatment.

A definitive point is to “manufacture a network of scholastic and private area specialists that can team up to utilize propelled imaging and AI to create knowledge just as clinical and operational apparatuses that will considerably improve the experience and the clinical results of our patients.”

Sebastien Ourselin, Professor of Healthcare Engineering at KCL proceeded to state that KCL is “exceptionally satisfied to greet Owkin into our consortium of accomplices”, and that it will empower them to “gain from information at scale, while safeguarding persistent security.”

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