For Continuous Delivery of Parkinson’s Meds: D-mine Pump

D- mine Pump

D- mine Pump, a creation of EVER Pharma, a company based in Austria, will soon be released in Europe post the CE Mark Approval won by the company for the product. D- mine Pump is a drug delivery system exclusively for patients suffering from Parkinson’s with features that have been custom designed for the patients it is supposed to be used for. The pump has been designed to basically deliver apomorphine hydrochloride, a dopamine agonist medication used to treat Parkinson’s.

The process of using apomorphine hydrochloride requires to first determine whether or not it will work for the patient in question or not along with checking its benefits. Thus, before actually delivering it to patients that have the condition of Parkinson’s, it is first administered on a trial basis on them to confirm the aforesaid. The pump comes into the picture when patients need to be infused with apomorphine hydrochloride on a continuous basis.

Anything that requires to be handles delicately is a challenging task for the people suffering from the condition of Parkinson’s. A system like D- mine then comes to play, as it requires pushing only a few buttons rather easily along with a display which easy to read. Furthermore, automatic filling of the drug makes it hassle free and it also does not require any complex calculations related to the rate of the flow of the drug.

General Manager at EVER Pharma GmbH, Georges Kahwati, said in a press release that a very ambitious project with challenging requirements has been concluded with the development of the EVER Pharma D-mine®Pump for Parkinson’s therapy. He further added that EVER Pharma’s focus on patients’ needs and support with customized solutions has been reinstated, given the considerable investment in this product by the company. From medication to means of administration with innovative Medical Devices, a complete package with its Parkinson’s disease portfolio is being delivered by EVER Pharma.

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