Brains of Amyloid Plaques cleared with the help of Light and Sound Induce Brainwaves


Till date, there has not been any cure discovered for the Alzheimer’s disease, though there are some therapists available who have made it possible for some cases to progress slowly. However, now the buildup of amyloid plaques in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease can be reduced using nothing but light and sound according to the latest findings by researchers at MIT and Georgia Tech. The study results showed vast improvement in the mental abilities of the mice being tested.

A technology that uses sound to sync up the brain to a certain frequency called gamma entrainment using sensory stimuli (GENUS) was shown to improve hippocampal function before this. Once every hour in a day, by adding light to the mix and using it to help sync to the desired frequency (40 Hertz), the researchers noted that there was a reduction in amyloid buildup throughout the neocortex of the mice. The reason could be due to microglia, glial cells that work as macrophages. They seem to surround chunks of the amyloid plaque and attack it following treatment.

After cognitive testing, the brains of the mice were removed and tested by the team. The team found that in the large areas of the brain, amyloid plaques were nearly completely cleared. Using the therapy of plaques, areas that control a high level of cognitive abilities were also treated effectively.
The researchers already performed an early safety study, as the therapy seems naturally safe. One can hope that soon enough this therapy will be tested on actual patients as well.

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