Blood Clot Retrieval Devices Market Achieve US$ 2.29 bn

Blood Clot Retrieval Devices

Blood clot retrieval is a surgical treatment for acute stroke where the blood clots are removed from patient’s brain by mechanical method. Mainly this treatment is offered for those patients who have experienced a stroke and contraction of the arteries in their brain. Furthermore, if stroke occurs there is a sudden loss of blood circulation in an area of the brain which may affect loss of neurological functioning. Strokes are of three types – ischemic strokes that are caused due to blood clots, while hemorrhagic strokes are caused when there is crack in arteries and transient ischemic attacks are caused when blood flow to the brain is blocked for shorter periods of time. Blood clot retrieval devices are used as an initial therapy for strokes due to blood clots. Majorly its application is to reduce speech difficulties, paralysis and other stroke disabilities. Rise in frequency of hemorrhagic stroke, ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack due to unhealthy lifestyle and increasing desk-bound jobs majorly drives the market growth. In addition, there are other major factors that spur the market growth such as rise in demand of minimally prominent surgery, rise in dominance of strokes in decrepit population, and favorable return policies. Moreover, stringent government rules & regulations associated with the safety and efficiency of blood clot retrieval devices, rise in risk of post surgery complications and high cost of surgical procedure hamper the growth of market. However, ongoing research & development activities linked to blood clot retrieval devices are expected to develop new opportunities for the market.

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Rise in Demand of Stent Retrievers is a Driving Factor for the Growth of Blood Clot Retrieval Devices

Rising incidence of acute stroke and short window for treatment of stroke has driven the demand and development of blood clot retriever devices across the world. Consumers are choosing stent retrievers as an alternative for clot removal due to high medical treatment cost and increasing consumer awareness for efficient treatments. The adoption of treatment by consumers favors the advancement of economical stents retrievers. According to America Stroke Association, they recommend the patients for blood clot retrieval who have minor disability prior to the current stroke with the use of stent retrievers. The other factor affecting the development of stent retrievers is quality assurance, therefore impacting the product development. Also by increasing global economy has enabled the industry leaders to focus on the related techniques to eliminate the clots and offer safer methods.

Penumbra Systems Is Expected To Be the Fastest-Growing Market for Blood Clot Retrieval Devices During Forecast Phase

Globally, increase in the stroke incidences due to changing lifestyle, unnatural & environmental calamities. Increasing cases of stroke, innovation & development in product, increasing consumer awareness for the stroke, and international trade across the globe is driving blood clot retrieval devices market due to increase in expenditure capacity of consumers. Rise in adoption of penumbra system blood clot retrieval device owing to offered improved success rate. Rise in demand of the application appropriate device for patient by growing consumer knowledge for post surgery. Furthermore, increasing knowledge and rising expenditure economic capacity of consumers are also booming the demand of the market. In addition, the new opportunity has been generated for the manufacturers to invest money for product and market development by standardized legal framework by global and regional healthcare organizations and government. Moreover, the sustainable market growth has paved way for increased international trade thereby promoting healthy sharing of technology, education, neurological science and quality improvement.

Major Application of Blood Clot Retrieval Devices is Driving the Market Growth

Increasing number of cases related to heart diseases is boosting the demand for coronary arteries blood clot retrieval devices. Number of heart diseases increases rapidly due to changing lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits and usually heart issues develop as a result of blood clot in coronary artery diseases. Blood vessel blockage occurs due to tear in inner wall of the blood vessel. Advancement and product development, are rising awareness for strokes across the globe are other major factors spurring the market growth.

Global Analysis of Blood Clot Retrieval Devices Market

Major factors that are driving the blood clot retrieval market are due to increase in number of disability and death in recent year and projected to dominate during forecast period. The second largest market for blood clot retrieval market is in Europe. Europe has less rate of adoption compare to North America due to compliances laid down by the European Union regulatory authority. Asia Pacific region such as China, Japan and India is expected to grow market in forecasted period. China, has the largest population, and leading to death with one stroke. This area is known as “stroke belt” due to high mortality rate. Different stroke pattern has increased the blood pressure level due to environmental disasters like tsunami and earthquake. In India, rise in number of stroke incidence due to changing lifestyle and rise in stress level. The application of blood clot retrieval devices has limited usage owing to unawareness and unavailability of experts in the country. Hence, Southeast Asia region has prone to environmental calamities having impact in Japan.

Some of the key players operating in the global blood clot retrieval devices market, profiled in the report include Stryker, Medtronic, Penumbra, Capture Vascular, Cerenovus and among others. The strategy of providing these products through e-commerce so that consumers can browse the products according to their needs is adopted by many of the providers of blood clot retrieval devices.

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