US$1.94 million worth funds secured by AllSome Fulfillment in East Ventures led Seed funding round

seed funding

Having raised a capital of US$ 1.94 million in a seed funding round led by East Ventures, the cross- border fulfillment startup, AllSome Fulfillment made an announcement informing about closed the round on Thursday.

Born from the great potential of cross-border buying and selling transactions, AllSome was founded by Malaysian Ng Yi Ying and Chinese national Liu Yi Shu in 2018. With the freshly injected funds, the startup plans to further its objective of cross-border ecommerce fulfillment services making it more effective along with expanding its reach in the Southeast Asian market.

The co- founder and CTO of AllSome Fulfillment NG Yi Ting explained that they are aware of the high costs involved in logistics across countries. The costs extend up to 45 percent of the product’s original cost. Not only the expenses but the process of shipping also entails many hurdles. The orders are sent to incorrect addresses, or turn out to be defective or of the wrong size, 30% of the times.

Keeping these issues in mind, AllSome provides parcel tracking, pick and pack, door- to- door delivery, offshore quality assurance and secured storage. What’s more is that the need to open many sites in order to track deliveries, the customers can manage it in a single place from multiple websites.

With the efforts being put to aid the online sellers gain profit, the startup aims to reduce cross-border fulfillment and logistics cost by at least 40 percent. On a day- to- day basis, AllSome manages 120 thousand packages deliveries. It serves as many as 50 clients in the region and has built a network of 250  virtual warehouses in China and Malaysia.

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