Tesla solar panels installed at Amazon warehouse got ignited back in 2018 according to reports

Tesla solar panels installed at Amazon warehouse got ignited back in 2018 according to reports

Redlands, California situated Amazon warehouse caught fire as the Tesla solar energy systems ignited last June. Post the incident, the e- commerce titan has declared that Tesla’s solar energy systems will no longer be bought by them in the future.

Tesla, Elon Musk’s renewable energy and electric vehicle company has been experiencing a rather turbulent week with not just Amazon but Walmart suing Tesla for the same reason on Tuesday. While Tesla and Walmart have been partners for years on initiatives related to clean energy; however; in the recent years seven of Walmart’s stores also caught fire due to Tesla’s solar panels out of the 240 total stores that have the systems installed in them.

The complaint made by Walmart alleged Tesla’s solar panels showed easily visible defects and that Tesla should have tended to them before they ignited this way. The company also claimed that the inspection of the solar systems was made by individuals who were not well trained.

However, while Amazon has not made it clear whether it is interested in resolving the issues and re entering into a working relationship with Tesla in the future; Walmart and Tesla have given statements saying that they look forwards to addressing the issues and once all parties concerned are satisfied; they would like to re- energize Tesla solar installations at Walmart stores.

Amazon has already taken the required measures where it has Tesla solar systems installed, which Amazon informed are small in number. Though, Tesla’s comment on Amazon’s confirmation could not be obtained.Apart from this, stockholder litigation still hangs over the electric vehicle maker, Tesla which has been caused over SolarCity acquisition which it made in the year 2016 for an amount of US$2.6 billion.

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