‘Super Duper Graphics Pack’ by Minecraft is not happening

'Super Duper Graphics Pack' by Minecraft is not happening

There is a bad news for all those players who have been waiting for almost a couple of years rather patiently now for Minecraft’s ‘Super Duper Graphics Pack’, as it looks like that it is not going to happen after all.

According to reports, major graphic overhaul to Minecraft’s game had first been announced by Mojang, developer at E3 2017, as the Super Duper Graphics Pack. The graphics included things like foliage characters that could move through, new textures for villagers and mobs, enhanced lighting and dynamic shadows; as per the promises made regarding the upgrades.

Howveer in according to the announcement made this week by Mojang, the overhaul was cancelled. The announcement which was shared through news post cited the technically demanding new graphics and associated systems as the main reasons behind cancelling the ‘Super Duper Graphics Pack’.

In the post, Mojang accepted that the disappointment that this decision will cause to those who had been looking forwards to the exciting Super Duper Graphics Pack from both inside and outside the studio; is well realized by them. The pack’s performance across devices was not satisfactory according to them, which led them to stop its development altogether. They assured that a new look for Minecraft is being sought by them.

In any case, it was already obvious to expect that this task will be a very challenging one as the game was not just a PC game. Since a wide- range of hardware featured Minecraft, it was natural to expect that the different hardware would give different performances and this to make it look so very extraordinary in each of them seemed a far shot.So now it has been made clear that the particular promises made by Mojang in 2017 will not come through, though it can now be expected that they will continue to make the game look the best as it can for every platform.

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