Nonwoven Disposable Gloves Market Value to Hit $970 Mn by 2026

Nonwoven Disposable Gloves

A report by ARC estimated that the nonwoven disposable gloves market will surpass $970 million by 2026, representing an average annual growth rate of 4.8 percent from 2019 to 2026. The report provides analysis of global nonwoven disposable gloves market for the period 2015-2026, wherein 2019 to 2026 is the forecast period and 2018 is considered as the base year.

Segment Analysis

In 2018, the punching and spunbond section became the dominant section. Due to increased R&D operations, the sector is anticipated to obtain traction and deliver tearproof and smooth nonwoven goods for use in applications sectors such as medicine. Spunlace technology provides the product a lightweight, versatile framework, strong tear resistance and liquid storage ability. Spunbonded technique provides great processing for nonwoven products. This means that this production method is cost-effective and environmentally friendly and therefore accounts for a significant business share.

The section of aircraft technology is expected to record greatest CAGR development. The development can be ascribed to the small density and elevated hardness of non-woven materials provided by technology. Airlaid paper is produced from binders, polyesters, viscose and natural & synthetic brief fibers that contribute to offering high density of the unwoven goods used for manufacturing disposable pads.

The highest development pace is anticipated in the printed technology section over the forecast period. Gloves generated through this technique are used to absorb and wipe water, oil and clean hospital, nursing home and home care bedridden patients. Increased use of needle-punched gloves is anticipated to increase technology requirement in the predicted era. The segment of non-soaped disposable gloves became the leader in 2018. The sector is anticipated to experience increased demand as the item is cost-effective, and provides an effective alternative to avoid micro-organisms from being transferred to the atmosphere as gloves are disposed of instantly after use.

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Market Dynamics

Increased demand for disposable nonwoven gloves in the health sector is expected to increase market growth over the projected era. Market growth can also be ascribed to an enhanced risk of geriatric diseases. Most products are produced by combining two polymers such as cotton, PE, and PET & viscose to improve the goods efficiency by decreasing the danger of contamination. The elevated permeation of the technology in the production of elevated resistance, even surface and outstanding processability of smooth nonwoven products is expected to increase its general share. Spunbonded products show strong U.S. penetration due to early implementation and cost efficiency of the technology. The general industry’s development over the forecast period is anticipated to be hindered by factors such as unfavorable financial circumstances, fluctuating raw material prices and elevated investments in research and development. Furthermore, rigid rules for both developed and developing countries ‘ medical fabrics are expected to limit the development of the industry in nonwovens disposable pads in the prediction era. Increased security, sanitation and the development in numbers of end customers are the key drivers of the development of the Indian disposable gloves industry. Furthermore, technological progress is expected to propel business development. However, the market growth will be hampered by lower manufacturing ability and toxic response to certain gloves. Instead, development in the healthcare industry is expected to offer India’s disposable glove companies profitable possibilities in the near future.

It is anticipated that manufacturing of nonwoven fabrics with improved characteristics, such as anti-microbial characteristics and heavy absorption, will provide fresh possibilities for sector growth. Moreover, increased knowledge of hospital-acquired diseases among customers has resulted in the use of sophisticated nonwoven devices.  The worldwide business expansion is also anticipated to fuel technological requirements in production nonwoven fabrics which have added characteristics such as elevated absorption and anti-microbial characteristics in order to decrease cross-contamination. In addition, the worldwide economy has benefited significantly from the increasing amount of public projects to decrease the amount of diseases and enhance manufacturing technology. Finally, the increased knowledge of hospital-acquired infections has also caused a wave of high-quality medical devices. The elevated price of raw equipment and study and creation necessary to cater for new requirements is anticipated to hinder the growth of the industry. In addition, the stringent legislative situation on the disposal of the products should also restrict the use of the products by several end-users. In addition, in the coming years the unfavourable financial circumstances are expected to have a adverse effect on the worldwide economy.

Companies focus on the use of sophisticated technology and advances in current techniques in order to produce optimal performance gloves for medical apps. In addition, the use of automation to produce standard high-quality products is an important sector where businesses can achieve a competitive edge over other competitors. Asian companies are the leading supplier of high value goods at low rates. Manufacturers in North America and Europe are concentrating their brand portfolios to expand and reinforce strong rivalry on the market.

Key Players & Strategies

The key players operating in the market include A.M.G. Medical, Inc., Medical Depot, Inc. and dba Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare among others. Major competitors focus on launching fresh products, purchases, advances in current products and technology and other policies to grow and reinforce their company portfolios. The main strategic activities for major players in the sector were effective inorganic development through merger and takeover, technological development to improve surge transport capacity together with the expansion of production facilities for economies of scale.

Market Segmentation

 Market, by Technology

  • Spunlace/Spunbond
  • Wetlaid
  • Airlaid
  • Needle Punched
  • Others

Market, by Product       

  • Pre-soaped
  • Non-soaped

Market, by Geography

  • North America.
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

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