Indonesian Robo Trading Platform, Lubna secures funds from East Ventures


An amount that is yet to be disclosed has been secured by robo trading platform which has its headquarters in Jakarta; from East ventures. The funds that have been raised are targeted for facilitating further R&D efforts, product launch and expansion of its analyst team.

The idea of Lubna, the robo trading platform was conceived back in 2015 by Kevin Cahya as he thought of building an automated trading platform. At the time Cahya was already employed full- time and was struggling to balance multiple trading profiles.

According to Kevin, for those retail investors who are otherwise employed in a full- time job, monitoring their portfolios all the time is almost impossible which curbs their opportunity to achieve maximum profit. He has witnessed many investors including novices not able to get the maximum return simply because they lack the required knowledge and exposure. To answer such challenges, he claims the right solution is robo trading.

With the help of algorithmic systems, the platform employs bots to automate trading activities for novice traders. Professionals on the other hand can benefit even more.

Initially, the platform only served cryptocurrency operations but as of now forex, commodities and other such financial assets are also served on the platform.

Melisa Irene, a Partner at East Ventures believes that Lubna is at a great position to accelerate the participation of young population to invest, and its vision to assist users to trade with ease will be a key advantage for Lubna to be the first successful crypto robo-trading in the region. With a profile with mostly technology startups based in the Asia Pacific area, with a greater focus on Indonesia, East Venture is an early seed startup.

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