First New Therapy to Treat Heart Attacks in Years receives FDA Approval

New Heart attack therapy

The standard of care routine to treat heart attacks is by placing stents at the sites of narrowing coronary arteries. The advancement in cath labs has made it possible for interventional cardiologists to place these stents not only accurately but also within a matter of a few minutes.

According to the latest reports, FDA has now granted approval to make available another alternative called SuperSaturated Oxygen (SSO2).  In the area of treatments meant to help reduce the damage that are caused due to a heart attack, the SuperSaturated Oxygen (SSO2) is the first treatment approved by the FDA since percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI, aka stenting).

TherOx, a company based in Irvine, California has developed the therapy which entails pumping hyperbaric levels of oxygen directly to oxygen-deprived myocardium following the completion of PCI and post blood flow is restored. Patients suffering from left anterior descending ST-elevation myocardial infarction (LAD STEMI) are the focused category of patients for this therapy, specifically within six hours of symptoms onset.

Professor of Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center, Gregg W. Stone, M.D., said in a TherOx announcement that many heart attack patients suffer from irreversible damage to the heart muscle, even after angioplasty, which carries a poor prognosis in terms of mortality and the potential for future heart failure. In a pivotal randomized trial, patients with large anterior myocardial infarction, experienced reduction in infarct size using SuperSaturated Oxygen therapy, making it one of a kind and giving a scope of improvement for future outcomes in these patients who suffer from high- risk despite primary angioplasty being a successful one.

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