China’s Smartphone Market dominated by Huawei amid the US- China trade war

China's Smartphone Market dominated by Huawei amid the US- China trade war

Huawei may have lost US but has gained so much in its home country; China. An impressive share of 41 to 42 percent was secured by the smartphone vendor in China’s market in the third quarter as per reports this year; all thanks to the anti- US sentiment.

A researcher analyst from the research firm Canalys, Mo Jia shared that in some cases, Huawei is especially being promoted by the retailers themselves due to the patriotism they feel for their country, China.

The anti- US sentiment comes from the government of Unites States’ hostility towards the Chinese smartphone maker, where the government has claimed that Huawei’s technology is being used by the Chinese government for the purpose of spying. The hostility that the US government has exhibited extends to other countries across the globe as well where it has been urging the other countries to boycott the 5G technology of Huawei.

The latest straw has been entirely curtailing Huawei’s access to the US technology by the Trump administration under the pretext of saving them from the national security threat Huawei poses. As an answer, Chinese internet users have been opting for Huawei over Apple iPhones.

While the top four leading smartphone brands which include the likes of Apple saw a decline in their shipment numbers in the third quarter; according to Canalys, a 66 percent year- to- year growth has been recorded by Huawei’s smartphone business in the same time window.

Huawei’s aggressive approach in its home market despite enjoying a leading position their; comes after US trying stymie is business especially in the United States. Trump administrations boycotting Huawei means Huawei can no longer pre- install Google Play Store apps on its Android based phones; however since Google apps are anyway not very popular in China the smartphone vedor continue to dominate in its home market.

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